Salary Grid

The Salary Grid Committee has completed its discussions regarding a new salary grid system that, if ratified, will be incorporated into the 2015-18 Day Unit Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and take effect July 1, 2017. The MCCC Board of Directors has voted to unanimously recommend its ratification. Below are materials regarding the salary grid so you can learn more before you cast your ratification vote.

Note: The ratification materials should arrive at your home address around Thursday of this week. If you’re a Day unit member and you don’t receive a ratification package, please contact the MCCC office at (508) 890-6688. Your ratification ballot must be received at the MCCC office by 4pm on Wednesday, May 31st. Please ensure you leave enough time for mailing and remember there’s no mail on Memorial Day, May 29.

Documents concerning the salary grid

Mailed materials:

 Other education materials:


The salary grid committee can be reached at this email

Ratification Notice