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MCCC Committees


Bylaws and Rules Committee 2016 - 2018
Carol Gray HCC
Paulette Howarth BRCC
Justin Duclos CCCC
Kerryn Snyder MaCC
Nick Camerota STCC


Executive Committee June 2016 - June 2017
Diana Yohe President
Jeff Seideman Vice President
Philip Mahler Treasurer
DeAnna Putnam Secretary
Rosemary Freeland At Large - Greenfield
Claudine Barnes At Large - Cape Cod
Candace Shivers At Large - Mt. Wachusett


Finance Committee 2016 - 2018
Phil Mahler, chair Treasurer
Tom Kearns MACC
Sue McPherson QCC
Meghan Callaghan BHCC
Steve Hilbun HCC
Gerald LePage BRCC


Grievance Committee - Day
The Day Grievance Committee is comprised of the Day Grievance Coordinator, ex officio Chair, and the Day Grievance Representative appointed at each chapter. The committee is assisted by Katie Durso, MTA Consultant
Dennis Fitzgerald, Chair Day Grievance Coordinator
Donna Sirutis MTA Consultant
Claudine Barnes Executive Committee Representative
Eric Nystrom Berkshire
Paulette Howarth Bristol
Khaled Abukhidejeh Bunker Hill
Gail Guarino Cape Cod
Thom Simmons Greenfield
Jossie Valentin Holyoke
Bob Tarutis Mass Bay
Cathy Boudreau Massasoit
Carlos Brocatto Middlesex
Jim Korman Mt. Wachusett
Norene Gachignard North Shore
Tom Greene Northern Essex
Jean McLean Quinsigamond
Michelle Howard-Harrell Helene Djakpa Roxbury
Rob Rodgers Springfield Technical


Grievance Committee - DCE
The DCE Grievance Committee is comprised of the DCE Grievance Coordinator, ex officio Chair, and the DCE Grievance Representative appointed at each chapter.
Joe Rizzo, Chair DCE Grievance Coordinator MTA Consultant
Eric Nystrome Berkshire
Paulette Howarth Bristol
Jefferson Fernandes Bunker Hill
Keli Gates Cape Cod
Kit Carpenter Greenfield
Bob Stoddard Holyoke
Richard Spool Mass Bay
Cathy Boudreau Massasoit
Hector Agostini Middlesex
Jim Korman Mt. Wachusett
Ken Strauss North Shore
John Daly Northern Essex
Linda Grochowalski Quinsigamond
Rob Rodgers Springfield Technical


Negotiating Team - Day
Claudine Barnes, chair CCCC
Rosemarie Freeland, vice chair GCC
Margaret Wong, Secretary QCC
Courtney Derwinski MTA Spokesperson
Catherine Adamowicz BrCC
Aaron Levin HCC
Tom Kearns MaCC
Jim Korman MWCC
Ellen Pratt MWCC
Joe LeBlanc ex officio
Donnie McGee ex officio


Negotiating Team - DCE
Linda Grochowalski, chair QCC
Sandra Howland, vice chair NSCC
Thom Simmons, secretary GCC
Nina Keery alt. secretary MBCC
Patrick Lochelt NECC
John McColgan RCC
DeAnna Putnam BHCC
Diana Yohe MCCC President ex officio
Jeff Seideman MCCC vice President ex officio


Nominations and Elections Committee 2016 - 2018
Autumn Alden, chair BrCC
Ruth Kiefson RCC
James Korman MWCC
Eric Nystrom BeCC
Yazdan Rodd BHCC


Personnel Committee 2016 - 2018
DeAnna Putnam, chair MCCC Secretary
Tania Picard BrCC
Margaret Wong QCC


Adjunct Committee
The Adjunct Issues Committee is comprised of one member from each chapter, appointed by the chapter on an annual basis.
Linda Grochowalski, chair QCC
Vacant BeCC
Ely Dorsey BrCC
John Fiske BHCC
Keli (Swan) Gates CCCC
Vanessa Brewster GCC
Dale Jones/Lorraine Lopardo HCC
Les Zenack MBCC
Karen Kay MaCC
Henry Agostinir MiCC
David Iannaccone/Michael Pearso MWCC
vacant NeCC
Vacant NSCC
Lorraine Quinn QCC
Vacant RCC
Cleo Mavrelion/Michele Nash STCC


Professionals Staff Committee
The members of the Professional Staff Committee are appointed on an annual basis by each chapter.
Tuuli McElroy, co-chair Massasoit
Trudy Tynan, co-chair Holyoke
Vacant Berkshire
Deborah (Deb) Palumbo Bristol
Colleen Yee/Ninette White-Marzouki Bunker Hill
Mary Jenkins Cape Cod
Amy Proietti Greenfield
Theresa Eccles Holyoke
Edward McGuire Massbay
Rachel Zyirek Massasoit
Jason Reynolds Middlesex
Ellen Madigan Pratt Mount Wachusett
Donna Davis Northshore
Ann Grandmaison Northern Essex
Dale LaBonte Quinsigamond
Loretta Minor Roxbury
Vince Grassetti Springfield
Donna Sirutis MTA Day Unit Consultant(non-voting)

Ad Hoc and Other Committees


Editorial Board 2016 - 2018
Diana Yohe President
Jeff Seideman Vice President
Phil Mahler Treasurer
DeAnna Putnam Secretary


Strategic Action Comittee
Jeff Seideman, chair MCCC vice-president
Liz Recko-Morrison BeCC
Ron Weisberger BrCC
Yaz Rodd BHCC
Keli (Swan) Gates CCCC
Rosemarie Freeland GCC
Vacant HCC
Henry (Chip) Bradford MaCC
Bob Tauritis MBCC
Joe Nardoni MiCC
Candace Shivers MWCC
Vacant NSCC
Chris Rowse NECC
Lisa Cook QCC
John McColgan RCC
Nicholas Camerota STCC

Management-MCCC Committees Related to the Contracts


Classification Appeals/Global Issues 2016 - 2018
Beth Fullerton QCC
Gail Hilyard HCC
Edward (Ned) McGuire MBCC
Donna Sirutis MTA Day Unit Consultant
Henry (Chip) Bradford MaCC
Lisa Cook, alternate QCC


DCE Bargaining Support Team (ad hoc) 2016 - 2018
Karen Kay MaCC, BrCC, CCCC
Michele Nash STCC, HCC, BeCC
Michael Pearson MWCC, MBCC, RCC
Seth Ridinger QCC, GCC, MiCC


CAS Committee 2016 - 2018
Liz Recko-Morrison BeCC
Sara Satham BHCC
Rosemarie Freeland GCC


Health and Welfare Trust Fund Representativee
Trisha Cloutier BrCC


Joint Study
Diana Yohe President
Jeff Seideman Vice President
Philip Mahler Treasurer
Donna Sirutis MTA Consultant


Statewide Distance Education Committee 2016 - 2018
Steve Zona, chair QCC
Ted Lewis MTA, DCE Unit Consultant
Tahais Real-Martins BRCC
Peter Meggison MaCC
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