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Thinking of retirement? There is no substitute for talking to the State Board of Retirement as early as possible
  • PURPOSE: The purpose of this page is to allow you to easily compute an UNOFFICIAL ESTIMATE of your retirement entitlement in the Massachusetts State Retirement system. It is designed to facilitate what is presented in the Benefit Guide cited below for Group 1 employees. 
  • CAVEAT: This page does NOT consider whether or not you qualify for retirement, nor does it hope to council you on retirement issues. It does NOT deal with the "optional retirement plan."Ship on Water
  • The State Board of Retirement accepts and approves applications from state employees for retirement:: One Ashburton Place, 12th Floor, Boston, MA 02108 (617) 367-7770. VISIT THE STATE BOARD OF RETIREMENT WEBSITE for OFFICIAL information on retirement (website link is above).
  • Data on this page is taken from a copy of the pamphlet "Benefit Guide for the Massachusetts State Employees' Retirement System (PDF)" from the State Board of Retirement. Please remember that the numbers generated are unofficial and subject to error on my part.
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  • Last Update: May 25, 2006

Philip Mahler, MCCC Treasurer

Basic Retirement Allowance

Note: After changing any data you must select Compute to change results.

Compute Your Basic Annual
Retirement Allowance

Compute Average Salary

Directions: Enter your salaries for the last three years and select Average.

Enter no commas or dollar signs.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3


Vary Age/Years of Service

Add one year to age and years of service and recompute Basic Retirement Allowance.

Subtract one year from age and years of service and recompute Basic Retirement Allowance.

Directions: Enter your age, years of service and average salary in the form below. When done, select Compute.

Enter your age:

Valid age values are 41 to 99.

Enter your years and months of service: years, months

Valid month values are 0 to 11.

Enter your average salary for the last three years, or compute it at the right:

Round to the nearest dollar. Enter no commas or dollar signs.
You may also use the form at the right to compute this value.

Max possible Basic Retirement
Allowance (80%):

Basic Option A Retirement Allowance:
All allowance payments will stop upon your death and no benefits will be provided to your survivors.

Basic Option B Retirement Allowance:
A lump sum payment of any remaining deposits and interest is paid to your beneficiary at your death.

Option C Retirement Allowance:
Upon your death your beneficiary will be paid an allowance for the remainder of their lifetime, equal to two-thirds of the allowance paid to you at the time of your death.
Your allowance will be a value approximately between  7% and 15% below the Option A amount; this will be between   and  .