MCCC retired membership is entirely independent of MTA or NEA retired membership.
One does not become an MTA or an NEA retired member by becoming an MCCC retired member.

Membership Eligibility

  1. Retired Members are those former active members who, upon retirement, apply in writing for membership.
  2. An individual must apply for retired membership within one year of retirement
  3. The applicant must have been a MCCC/MTA/NEA member for at least five (5) consecutive years immediately prior to retirement.
  4. Retired membership is suspended if a unit member takes a position which makes them an active member.


  1. Retired members shall pay dues equal to ten (10) percent of the Council full-time dues.
  2. If a retired member becomes an active member, any retired membership dues will be applied to the active membership dues for that membership year.
  3. If a retired member becomes active, they must pay membership dues, or forfeit eligibility for retired membership thereafter.


  1. Retired members receive the newsletter.
  2. Retired members may attend the MCCC Delegate Assembly as a guest.
  3. Retired members are assigned membership in the chapter where they primarily held membership prior to retirement.
    Privileges or limitations are subject to chapter bylaws and policies in addition to MCCC bylaws and policies.
  4. Retired members may serve on council committees per council policy and on chapter committees per chapter policy.
  5. Retired members are not included in computing chapter support.
  6. Retired members are not eligible to be MCCC MTA or NEA delegates.
  7. For purposes of reimbursement by the MCCC and its chapters, active MCCC membership is required.
    Exception: Retired members may receive stipends and reimbursements if they serve in elected or appointed positions where active membership is not required.