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Massachusetts Community College Council




  • Former MCCC President Jim Rice passed away on Dec. 16
  • Upcoming Dates MCCC Election Nominations Closed Thurs. Feb 4
  • Day Contract Talks Resume
  • Part-time Dues Reduction Proposal
  • Mass Bay Community College Investigated
  • Pictures
    • Contract demonstrations have resumed with the start of the new semester. The community college presidents were greeted at their
      January meeting in Worcester by members from Quinsigamond and other chapters.
    • Part-time professional staff member Trudy Tynan made appeals for support at the MCCC for an MTA bylaw proposal to reduce the dues for part time members.
    • Members at the Roxbury Community College chapter organized a demonstration on campus as the Board of Higher
      Education held meetings at the Reggie Lewis Track Center on Jan. 26


  • Day Contract Agreement Reached
  • Candidates for MCCC Officers Statements
  • Team Hammers Out Tentative Agreement
  • Paid Sick Time for Part-time Employees
  • MCCC Delegate Assembly Saturday, April 23
  • Pictures
    • Claudine Barnes
    • Diana Yohe
    • Rosemarie Freeland
    • Jeffrey Seideman
    • DeAnna Putnam
    • Robert Tarutis
    • Philip Mahler


  • MCCC Election of Change
  • Hard Fought Day Contract Ratified
  • Membership Comes with Rights, Responsibilities
  • Retiring College Presidents Will Change The Landscape
  • Adjunct Benefit Bills On the Move!
  • Pictures
    • The new MCCC leadership team Diana Yohe , President; Jeffrey Seideman, Vice President; DeAnna Putnam, Secretary; and Philip Mahler, Treasurer
    • Members of the Day Contract Negotiating Team and volunteers President Joe LeBlanc (T), Vice President Donnie McGee (T), Catherine Adamowicz (T), Diana Yohe. Standing, Rosemarie Freeland (Vice Chair), Aaron Levin (T), Secretary Claudine Barnes (Chair), Ellen Pratt (T), Swan Gates, Margaret Wong (T), Treasurer Phil Mahler, and Candace Shivers. (“T” indicates team members.)
    • Carol Gray and Linda Grochowalski were re-elected as the Part-time/Adjunct At-large Directors.

  • Delegate Assembly Exceeds Expectations
  • MTA Higher Ed. Conference Brings Unions Together
  • Aprilʼs Clarion Call For The MCCC
  • Walking The Line with A Union Friend
  • Closing Thoughts After 14 Years of Service
  • RCC Chapter Fights Back
  • Applicants Wanted for Three Positions: MCCC STRATEGIC ACTION STEERING COMMITTEE
  • Pictures
    • Caroline Schwarzwalder from North Shore Community College was presented with the Donnie McGee Strategic Action Award at the Delegate Assembly for her many years of political action at both the chapter and state-wide levels. Pictured with President LeBlanc, McGee herself, and NSCC Chapter President Norene
    • Higher Education Commissioner Carlos Santiago spoke to the assembled members and took questions at the MTA Higher Ed.
    • Incoming MCCC Vice President, Jeff Seideman, urged Commissioner Santiago to increase equity for adjunct faculty at the MTA Higher Ed. Conference MCCC members Bob Tarutis, MBCC; Rosemarie Freeland, GCC; Susan McPherson, QCC; and Suzanne Van Wert, NECC


  • DCE Bargaining Team Named
  • MTA Summer Conference
  • Charter Schools - Bad for Higher Ed.
  • 2016-2017 MCCC Board of Directors
  • Dispatch from The Field: A Day In The Life of A Massachusetts Adjunct
  • Pictures
    • DeAnna Putnam, MCCC Secretary; Limari Rivera, BHCC; and Meghan Callaghan BHCC.Ted Lewis, MTA Consultant; Diana Yohe, MCCC President; Meghan Koslowski, MtWCC; Michelle Rojas Surin, BHCC; Chris Hoeth, BrCC; and Robert Vodicka
    • Holyoke Director Aaron Levin and MTA Vice President Erik Chanpy
    • Ken Takvorian from Mt Wachusett Community College
    • Frank Schickor, Mary Rapien, Sara Satham, Claudine Barnes, Rosemarie Freeland, Aaron Levin, Tom Kearns, Robert Tarutis, Carlos Brocatto, Candace Shivers, David Houle, Suzanne Van Wert-Branscomb, Linda Grochowalski, Carol Gray, Susan McPherson, Ruth Kiefson, Nicholas Camerota,


  • Chapter Presidents Organize to Defeat Question 2
  • DCE Bargaining Team Gets Contract Talks Underway
  • Fitzgerald Delivers Day Grievance Report
  • Day Contract Funded
  • Free Life Insurance for Union Members (depending on years of membership)
  • Two Visions of Our Union. One Choice
  • New MCCC Web Site to Launch Soon
  • Lewis Named New MTA Consultant for MCCC DCE
  • Adjuncts and Student Loan Debt
  • Pictures
    • MCCC chapter presidents met with the leadership at the Union office in Worcesterin early September to work on organizing at the chapter level. They were joined by MTA President Barbara Madeloni for a photo supporting the No on 2
    • The MCC DCE Bargaining Team began meetings with management in September.Members pictured here at the first meeting are DeAnna Putnam, MCCC Secretary; Linda Grochowalski, QCC; John McColgan, RCC; Jeff Seideman, MCCC VP; Ted Lewis, MTA; Diana Yohe, MCCC President; Sandra Howland, NSCC; Patrick Lochelt,
      NECC; and Nina Keery, MBCC. (Not pictured Thom Simmons, GCC)
    • Day Grievance Coordinator Dennis Fitzgerald gave a detailed presentation to the MCCC Board of Directors.
    • MCCC Webmaster Tom Powers gave a preview of the redesigned website to the Board of Directors in September. The site is still in development,


  • DCE Bargaining Progress: Ground Rules Set
  • MCCC SAC Team Sets NewAgenda
  • Retroactive Day Contract Funding
  • Colleges Name Buildings After Presidents
  • Rizzo Addresses Adjunct Faculty Concerns
  • Pictures
    • Members of the MCCC Strategic Action Steering Committee Chris Rowse, NECC; Chip Bradford, MaCC; Joe Nardoni, MxCC; Committee Chair MCCC VP Jeff Seideman; Nick Camerota, STCC; Nick Puleo, MTA; Yazdan Rodd, BHCC. Keli “Swan” Gates, CCCC, with MCCC’s newest activist, her son Kilian.
    • MCCC President Diana Yohe and Department of Higher Education Human Resources head Michael Murray
    • MCCC President Diana Yohe, John Fiske, Margaret Crowe, Linda Schubert, Brian Duplisea, MCCC Vice President Jeff Seideman, MCCC Secretary DeAnna Putnam, Sherri Rafferty, Michael Pearson, Ellen David Freedman, Seth Ridinger, Michele Nash, Lisa Azeni, and Sandy Howland.
    • MCCC DCE Grievance Coordinator Joe Rizzo


  • Salary Grid Committee Reports
  • Trump on Higher Ed
  • Colleges Name Buildings After Presidents
  • SURVEY SAYS… Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • MCCC Awards Nominations
  • Pictures
    • Edlyn Thompson-Mettle (BHCC), Frank Schickor BeCC, Rosemarie Freeland
      (GCC), Darlene Smith-Ash HCC), Judith Hague (BrCC), Diana Yohe (MCCC President) Front row seated from left:
      Limari Rivera (BHCC), Margaret Wong (QCC), Dorris Perryman (BrCC), Katherine DiMarca (MaCC); not pictured,
      Elmer Eubanks (MWCC).
    • Bunker Hill Associate Professor LaTasha Cooper Sarpy