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Massachusetts Community College Council




  • Union Negotiates New Domestic Violence Laws
  • Five Questions to Answer in 2015
  • A Winning Strategy at RCC
  • Free Community College Bill Arrives a Generation Too Late
  • Ad Hoc Group Achieves Some Success at MassBay
  • The Cash Value of Union Membership
  • Pictures
    • The new MTA Field Representative for the MCCC Day contract, Courtney Derwinski
    • Don Williams, MCCC Communications Coordinator
    • MCCC President Joe LeBlanc attended a recent meeting of the Mass Bay chapter.
    • Charles Webb from the accounting firm Alexander, Anderson and Finning, reported the results of the annual audit of the MCCC financial policies as Massasoit director and Finance Committee member Tom Kearns and Treasurer Phil
      Mahler look on. Webb gave a “clean, unqualified” audit report to the MCCC Board of Directors
    • Tim Fitzgerald the first president of the MCCC and brother of Dennis Fitzgerald, has been appointed as the interim director of MTA’s Division of Higher Education. The position to replace the departed Joey Hansen has been posted and is slated to be filled by the end of June.


  • Candidates for Part-time/Adjunct At-large Director
  • Chapter Elections
  • Study Our Students
  • Day Negotiations Team Update
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Every Single Budget Cut Hurts
  • GIC Health Insurance Increases Coming in July
  • MCCC Delegate Assembly
  • Part-time Workers & Full-time Snow Days
  • Pictures
    • Carol Gray
    • Linda Grochowalski
    • Randi Zanca
    • Don Williams
    • Claudine Barnes
    • Trudy Tynan f


  • NEA/AFT Higher Ed Conference: A Wide Variety of Ideas to Share
  • Speaker Condemns Corporatization of Higher Ed
  • NEA/AFT Higher Ed Conference . . .
  • Confronting Attacks on Our GIC Benefits
  • Agency Fee Payers–Please Join Us
  • Pictures
    • NEA President Lily Eskelsen-Garcia gave a passionate speech on the importance of activism at the NEA/AFT higher education conference.
    • MCCC participants at the NEA/AFT Higher Ed. conference mixed with members from other states over dinner. Clockwise from left, Cathy Boudreau, MaCC; Jerry Comcowich from Hawaii; Kenn Anania, MaCC; Candace Shivers, MtWCC; Lois Powers, UMass; Secretary Claudine Barnes; President Joe LeBlanc; and Vice President Donnie McGee. (Photo by Don Williams)
    • Maria Maisto, President of New Faculty Majority, was a presenter in an NEA/AFT workshop titled “Solidarity with and Among Contingent Faculty.”
    • MCCC Vice President Donnie McGee moderated two workshops on political action at the NEA/AFT conference.


  • MCCC Delegates Pass Budget at Annual Assembly
  • Last Issue for Agency Fee Payers
  • Day Negotiations Update
  • Roxbury Members Vote “No-confidence”
  • Searching for Meaning in a Challenging Year
  • NSCC Hosts Spring Legislative Breakfast
  • Awards
  • Pictures
    • Massasoit Chapter President Paul Weeden was presented with the Jonathan Butler Award for outstanding chapter president by President Joe LeBlanc. He was nominated by Kenn Anania.
    • MCCC Secretary Claudine Barnes who chairs the Day Bargaining Team along with vice chair Rosemarie Freeland, reported on the status of bargaining at the Delegate Assembly.
    • Roxbury Community College faculty and staff were joined by MCCC Executive Committee members Joe LeBlanc and Liz Recko-Morrison as the chapter protested actions by college president Valerie Roberson.

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  • Day Contact Bargaining Update
  • Adjunct Loan Forgiveness Bill
  • Set Higher Ed. Free
  • Aprilʼs harkening: Our budget dream
  • This Year The Dead Are Taking Their Medicine
  • MCCC and MTA Special Election Results
  • Pictures
    • Claudine Barnes, MCCC Secretary and Day Bargaining Team Chairperson. Courtney Derwinski, MTA Consultant and Day Bargaining Team Spokesperson
    • Don Williams MCCC Communications Coordinator
    • Dale LaBonte from Quinsigamond Community College spoke against a motion that would have negatively impacted community colleges at the May 9, MTA Annual Meeting.
    • Rev. George McDermott

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  • MCCC Starts Contract Action
  • MTA, MCCC Join in Organizing Campaign
  • Everyone Needs to Be Involved in Bargaining
  • Deflategate, Goodell, and You: Why Union Activism Is Everything
  • Arbitrator Overturns Boardʼs Election Decertification
  • Recko-Morrison Honored by Labor
  • Pictures
    • Claudine Barnes, MCCC Day Bargaining Team Chairperson, MTA Consultant Courtney Derwinski and President Joe LeBlanc explained the difficulties in bargaining a new contract at the Aug. 19 MCCC Board of Directorsʼ meeting.
    • Aaron Levin, Director from Holyoke CC and member of the Day Bargaining Team explained the purpose and planned activities of the Crisis Action Team to the MCCC Board of Directors. Directors pictured are, Joe Nardoni, Middlesex, and Tom Kearns, Massasoit also a member of the Day Bargaining Team.
    • From left, seated, Rosemarie Freeland GCC, and Keli Gates CCCC, standing, Margaret Wong QCC, Darlene Smith HCC , Tom Kearns MaCC, Candace Shivers MtWCC, and Aaron Levin HCC.

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  • Attorneys Report on Adjunct Health Insurance
  • Ongoing Day Contract Negotiations Heat Up
  • MCCC Nominations Open Nov. 2
  • Campus Equity Week Starts Oct. 26
  • Why Contract Action is Important
  • Empowering Our Team to Bargain
  • New MCCC Directors
  • Pictures
    • Berkshire Community College members Heidi Sammon and Joe Hennessey
    • Atty. William Shaevel, whose firm was hired by MTA to assist the MCCC’s public records request for information
    • Carol Gray Part-time/Adjunct At-large
    • Keli Gates Cape Cod
    • David Houle North Shore
    • Bob Tarutis Mass Bay

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  • Contract Action Heats Up
  • Fall Conference Honors Legislators
  • Conducting Work-to-Rule: Not Business As Usual
  • MCCC Fall Conference . . .
  • Bargaining Enters A Messy Phase –Your Support Is Critical to Our Success
  • MCCC Meets New MTA Higher Ed. Director
  • Pictures
    • Northern Essex Community College members have been conducting standout demonstrations every Tuesday and Thursday to support contract negotiations.
    • Rep. John Scibak (D-South Hadley) showed support for MCCC contract negotiations as he received the “Friend of the Community
      Colleges” award.
    • Rep. Michael Brady received the “Friend of the Community Colleges” award, but was unable to attend the MCCC Fall Conference.
    • MTA Consultant Courtney Derwinski gave an enlightening presentation on labor history. She pointed out that the NRA is so effective in its political activity because of the intense shared passion of its members
    • Robert Vodicka , MTA’s new Director
    • Parliamentarian Patti Legault-Frank explained the importance of adhering to parliamentary rules when conducting meetings in a break-out session at the MCCC Fall Conference.

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  • Day Contract Activism Heats Up
  • DCE Faculty Raises on Schedule
  • Who Are Our MCCC Adjuncts?
  • WTR Hurts Everyone Yet State’s Disrespectful Behavior Persists
  • Members Join to Demand A Fair Contract
  • MCCC Nominations Now Open
  • ORP Conversion Process Slowed
  • Pictures
    • Day contract action is taking a more public direction. Over 20 North Shore chapter members greeted Gov. Baker with signs outside a meeting of the Lynn Chamber of Commerce on Dec. 3. Members across the state have been sending letters to the editor and demonstrating at public events. Letters to various local newspapers
      have been written and published. All of this leading up to the Dec. 10 “Day of Action.”
    • NECCPA members picket at NECC/Haverhill on the last day of
      classes: Steve Proietti, Joe LeBlanc, Steve Russell, Peter Flynn,
      Gail Feigenbaum, Deidre Budzina, Jane Gagliardi. They pledge
      to start the spring semester with more picketing and initiatives if
      a tentative agreement is not reached in time for the holidays.
    • Communications Coordinator Don Williams delivered a prepared statement urging a fair and swift resolution of the Day contract. He was joined by Holyoke Chapter President Nathan Mercer and MCCC Director from Holyoke and bargaining team member Aaron Levin.
    • Members from the Bristol chapter conducted a large standout the day before the Day of Action
    • Cape Cod chapter members demonstrated in support of a fair contract resolution.

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