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Massachusetts Community College Council




  • Breaking News: DCE Update
  • Dumbing Down the Curriculum
  • Reflections on the Profession
  • In Era of Endless Challenges,We Struggle to Make A Difference
  • Duquesne Adjunct’s Death Raises Cries for Justice
  • NSCC Facing Workforce Un-Development
  • Day Contract Raises
  • Pictures
    • Margaret Wong, MTA Board member from Quinsigamond Community College explained the curriculum change
    • One MCCC holiday event is the annual Executive Committee luncheon with the MCCC staff members Edy Stoddard and Angela Perno. This year’s attendees, from left, Stoddard; Joe LeBlanc, President; Dennis Fitzgerald, Day Grievance; Phil Mahler, Treasurer; Perno; Donnie McGee, Vice President; Liz Recko-Morrison, Berkshire Atlarge; Claudine Barnes, Secretary; Joe Rizzo, DCE Grievance; and Rosemarie Freeland, Greenfield At-large.


  • Candidates for MCCC Offices
  • Candidates for Part-time/Adjunct Directors
  • Where Goeth Higher Ed?
  • MCCC Candidates’ Statements
  • MCCC Elections
  • New DCE Contract Brings Gains, 4 Years of Labor Peace
  • NSCC Facing Workforce Un-Development
  • MCCC, Chapter Work to Save NSCC Jobs
  • Part-Time/Adjunct Directors Candidate Statements
  • Pictures
    • Joseph LeBlanc Candidate for MCCC President
    • Donnie McGee Candidate for MCCC Vice President
    • Phil Mahler Candidate for MCCC Treasurer
    • Claudine Barnes Candidate for MCCC Secretary
    • Linda Grochowalski Quinsigamond
    • Betsy Smith Cape Cod
    • Randi Zanca Quinsigamond
    • Don Williams
    • MCCC and NSCC chapter officers joined the three faculty members of the threatened Cosmetology Program to speak with aides for the Lynn area legislators to find support to keep the program open. From right to left, Rick Ponticelli, NSCC chapter director; President Joe LeBlanc; Caroline Schwarzwalder, NSCC chapter SAC coordinator; Kathy Champlain, NSCC cosmetology program coordinator; Norene Gachignard, NSCC chapter president; Patty Pappas, cosmetology faculty; Ella Gannon, cosmetology faculty; Cinda Dahn, aide to Rep. Walsh; Steven Smalley, aide to Sen. McGee; and Mary Jules, aide to Rep.Fennell.


  • Hundreds Attend Higher Ed Advocacy Day
  • DCE Contract Update
  • Deputy Commissioner Meets The MCCC Board
  • MCCC Elections
  • MCCC Delegate Assembly
  • Real Change Begins with A Broad Coalition, Powerful Stories, Unified Action
  • Pictures
    • Heather Hilton, a student from Massasoit Community College, shared her story of escaping abusive relationships through her education at Massasoit.
    • Carlos Santiago, Senior Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education met with the MCCC Board of Directors to discuss changes in developmental math courses
    • Bristol Community College was well represented at the Higher Ed. Advocacy day. With the State House Hall of Flags behind them, from left, are MCCC member Ron Weisberger, student Steve Fanus, Chapter President Diana Yohe and MCCC Vice President Donnie McGee.
    • Greenfield chapter director, Rosemarie Freeland, back row, left, brought a group of students from the college to advocacy day where they could learn how government works.


  • Presidents Drop Contract Objections
  • MTA Higher Ed. Conference: Meeting of the Minds
  • A Former Adjunct Reflects
  • MTA Higher Ed. Conference
  • Our Members Demand Respect, Confront Injustice
  • McCourt Addresses SERS Retirement Issues
  • Dental Insurance Problems?
  • Pictures
    • MCCC members from Quinsigamond Community College protested the DCE contract delay outside the council of presidents’ meeting. Pictured from left are Lisa Cook, Kathi Lewando, Anne Shull, Chapter President Susan McPherson, and MTA Director of Higher Ed. Joey Hansen.
    • MTA President Paul Toner introduced the panel of senior staff from the Department of Higher education: Commissioner Richard Freeland, Senior Deputy Commissioner Carlos Santiago, Senior Director for P-16 Alignment Susan Lane, Deputy Commissioner for Administration and Finance Sean Nelson, Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment Bonnie Orcutt, and MTA Vice President Tim Sullivan.
    • MTA attorney Ira Fader gave a presentation at the MTA Higher Ed. Conference on “Netiquette,” and the evolving social norms on workplace privacy that had important lessons for college faculty and staff.
    • Richard Nunes, Department of Higher Ed. Retirement Director, gave a detailed explanation of the ORP conversion process at the MTA Higher Ed. Conference. Participants in the ORP are being contacted about the process, which begins on May 1, and closes on Oct. 27 of this year.
    • MCCC Quinsigamond member Dale LaBonte demonstrated outside the college presidents' meeting to urge acceptance of the DCE contract. (Photo by Scott McLennan)
    • MTA Retirement Consultant, and Mass Bay CC member, Ed McCourt is available to consult with members over SERS retirement issues


  • MCCC Delegate Assembly Features Awards
  • Civic Engagement: Coming to a Campus Near You
  • MTA Annual Meeting Surprise: Madeloni Defeats VP Sullivan
  • The Vision Project’s Twisted Logic
  • It’s Time to Come Out of The Shadows
  • Pictures
    • Roberta Albano, right, from Springfield Technical Community College was presented with the MCCC’s Strategic Action Award by its namesake Vice President Donnie McGee and President Joe LeBlanc at the MCCC Delegate Assembly on April 26.
    • The DCE contract was signed on May 13, 2014 at the MCCC Office in Worcester. Dept. of Higher Education Director of Employee and Labor Relations Michael Murray, Mass Community College Assistant General Counsel Carol Wolff Fallon.Mt Wachusett CC President Daniel Asquino, MCCC
      President Joseph LeBlanc, and MCCC DCE Bargaining Team Chair Linda Grochowalski. Commissioner of Higher Education Richard Freeland and MTA Consultant Robert Whalen signed at a later date.
    • Newly elected MTA President Barbara Madeloni pictured here when she came to the MCCC Board of Directors seeking endorsement.
    • MCCC President Joe LeBlanc, was joined at the MTA Annual Meeting with former MCCC President Jim Rice from Quinsigamond Community College and Roberta Albano from Springfield Technical Community College.
    • Aaron Levin from Holyoke Community College, center, was co-recipient of the Butler Award for outstanding chapter president at the MCCC Delegate Assembly. He was nominated by Trudy Tynan, left, and Nathan Mercer, right, and presented the award
      by President Joe LeBlanc.
    • Steve Russell from Northern Essex Community College, right, was co-recipient of the Butler Award for outstanding chapter president at the MCCC Delegate Assembly. He was nominated by his successor Linda Giampa and presented the award by President Joe LeBlanc.
    • Retired member Mike Nutter, who co-chairs the MCCC Political Action Committee, collected donations for the PAC at the MCCC Delegate Assembly. They raised a record $1,500 from members to support the union’s legislative agenda. Chapters
      are also allowed to donate $500 annually.


  • Supreme Court Narrowly Upholds Agency Fee
  • Wanted: Day Bargaining Team Members
  • Supreme Court Gets It Wrong in Harris v. Quinn
  • The Value of Membership
  • Free Life Insurance for Union Members
  • Pictures 2014-2015 MCCC Board of Directors
    • Berkshire Executive Committee Liz Recko-Morrison
    • Bristol Diana Yohe
    • Bunker Hill Sara Satham
    • Cape Cod Gail Guarino
    • Greenfield Executive Committee Rosemarie Freeland
    • Holyoke Aaron Levin
    • Massasoit Tom Kearns
    • Mass Bay Chandra Panse
    • Middlesex Joe Nardoni
    • Mount Wachusett Executive Committee Candace Shivers
    • North Shore Rick Ponticelli
    • Northern Essex Suzanne Van Wert-Branscomb
    • Part-time/Adjunct At-large Linda Grochowalski
    • Part-time/Adjunct At-large Betsy Smith
    • Quinsigamond Susan McPherson
    • Springfield Tech Roberta Albano


  • Williamstown Hosts MTA Summer Conference
  • ORP Participants: Section 60 News and Notes from Donnie McGee
  • United Action at RCC Yields Results
  • Wanted Day Bargaining Team Members
  • Connect, Make Friends, Help Our Cause
  • In Memoriam Pennie Marcus
  • Pictures
    • MTA Director of Higher Education Joey Hansen, Anneta Argyes from UMass Boston, MTA President Barbara Madeloni from UMass Amherst, Donna Johnson from UMass Amherst, Ruth Kiefson from Roxbury Community College, Michelle Corbin from Worcester State, Kimberly Stieglitz from Roxbury Community College and Tim Scott UMass Amherst.
    • North Shore member Laurie Carlson participated in the MTA Emerging Leaders Program at the Summer Conference
      with her group’s K-12 educators.
    • Massasoit chapter president Paul Weeden (left) networked with
      Holyoke chapter director Aaron Levin at the higher ed reception
      at the MTA Summer Conference.
    • Mount Wachusett member Ken Takvorkian chatted with
      Quinsigamond’s Margaret Wong and Mount Wachusett chapter
      director Candace Shivers at the higher ed reception at the MTA
      Summer Conference.
    • Many of the MCCC participants at the MTA Summer Conference met on Tuesday evening for their own social event
      at a local Williamstown pub.


  • Enrollments Drop As Demographics Change
  • MCCC Fall Conference Thurs. Oct. 23 Courtyard by Marriott Marlborough, MA
  • NSCC Turns 50 with a New President
  • ORP Participants: Last Chance to Transfer To the MSERS
  • NEA Offers Free Life Insurance For MCCC Union Members New Link (
  • The Value of Membership
  • It’s Time to Engage, Elect Our Candidates
  • Dental Insurance Problems?
  • DCE Salaries Trending Up
  • Pictures
    • State Sen. Thomas McGee (Lynn) presented North Shore Community College’s new president Dr. Patricia Gentile greetings from Sen. Elizabeth Warren as Speaker of the State
      House of Representatives Robert DeLeo (Winthrop) looked on.
    • Faculty and staff at North Shore Community college form a giant 50 to celebrate the college’s 50th anniversary celebration. Newly installed president Dr. Patricia Gentile stands in front.
    • The MCCC Executive Committee held a two-day off-site retreat to work on the union’s agenda for the coming year. Candace Shivers, MWCC; Hilaire Jean-Gilles, Research Coordinator; Rosemarie Freeland, GCC; Phil Mahler, Treasurer; Liz Recko-Morrison, BkCC; Donnie McGee, Vice President; Joe LeBlanc, President; Claudine Barnes, Secretary; Dennis Fitzgerald, Day Grievance Coordinator; and Joe Rizzo DCE Grievance Coordinator.

October Cover


  • Fall Conference Honors Legislators
  • MCCC Nominations Open Nov. 1
  • DCE Course Assignment Limits Investigated
  • Pre-election Musings About Vision Project,
    Higher Education Finance Commission Reports
  • Pictures
    • The MCCC legislative award recipients and the presenters Liz Recko-Morrison, BkCC: President Joe LeBlanc;
      Vice President Donnie McGee; Rep. Denise Provost; Sen. Dan Wolf; Sen. Eileen Donoghue; Brooks Smith, CCCC; Rep. Paul
      Mark; and Secretary Claudine Barnes.
    • Changing of the guard: Former MCCC President, and immediate past president of the Middlesex chapter, Rick Doud passes on some wisdom to his MxCC successor, Reggie Nichols at the MCCC Fall Conference.
    • Door prize winners were glad they stayed until the end of the Fall Conference. Posing with Pres. LeBlanc and their “Benjamins” are Hilaire Jean-Gilles, BHCC; Peter Flynn, NECC; Karen Cox, QCC; John Daly, NECC; and Rafael Cabanas, BHCC.
    • A well attended panel discussion titled “Union Representation 101: What Works When Representing Your Members” was led by Aaron Levin past president of the Holyoke chapter, and was joined by past and present chapter presidents including
      Claudine Barnes (pictured), Rosemarie Freeland and Candace Shivers.
    • Laurie Houle, an attorney from MTA Legal Services, gave an enlightening presentation on things to be careful about when using social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. with students.

October Cover


  • NSCC Programs Saved
  • Day Bargaining Process Begins
  • MCCC Nominations Now Open
  • Conversations from the Contingent Faculty Corner
  • Agency Fee Payers–Join Us
  • Higher Ed. Finance Commission Report:
    It’s Mostly about the Money
  • DCE Raises
  • MTA Announces Two
    Consultant Changes
  • LeBlanc to Join Commissioner Search
  • Pictures
    • North Shore Community College Cosmetology faculty Ella Gannon and Kathy Champlain in their new facilities after a year-long struggle to save the program and jobs. “We’re so grateful that we had a union during this stressful time.”
    • Betsy Smith, an ardent activist for contingent faculty, has announced her retirement from teaching and from the MCCC Board of Directors. She has taught ESL at Cape Cod Community College and has served in a number of MCCC roles including DCE Negotiating Teams and as an elected Adjunct/Part-time At-large Director, representing members from across the state.
    • North Shore’s Culinary Arts faculty members in their newly renovated facilities in the former vocational school now called The North Shore Business Center. From right, Charles Naffah, Loreen Tirrell and Ryan Bodgett with a student
    • MTA Vice President Janet Anderson met with the MCCC Board of Directors at their Nov. 21 meeting. VP Anderson, a 5th grade teacher from Taunton, talked about the things she’d like to accomplish and the directors shared their issues of importance.

October Cover