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Massachusetts Community College Council




  • MCCC Goes for Full Capacity
  • Building the MCCC DCE Negotiating Team
  • We Should All be Winners
  • Governor’s Budget Starts Lively
    Sausage-making Season
  • Candidates for Part-Time
    Adjunct At-Large Director
  • Pictures
    • DCE Unit, discussed experiences in the last DCE contract negotiations with the current team. Members of the 2013 team MTA Consultant Bob Whalen, Betsy Smith, Harry Bowen, Linda Grochowalski, MCCC Vice President Donnie McGee, Mark Bashour, MCCC President Joe LeBlanc, DeAnna Putnam, and Carol Gray
    • MCCC Secretary Claudine Barnes has a little fun as she explains the MCCC plan for Full Capacity Local activities developed by Executive Committee members
      including President Joe LeBlanc and Treasurer Phil Mahler.
    • Chandra Panse and Judy Rolph explain their action plan for their Mass Bay Community College chapter’s Full Capacity Local project
    • Members from three chapters work on their Full Capacity Locals plan for their individual chapters. Dale LaBonte, Susan McPherson and Randi Zanca from Quinsigamond; Susan Dole, Hilaire Jean-Gilles and Sara Satham from Bunker Hill; and Liz Recko-Morrison and Karen Carreras-Hubbard from Berkshire.
    • DCE Grievance Coordinator Joe Rizzo gave a presentation to the DCE negotiating team on the history of MCCC DCE contract bargaining


  • Retirement Health Insurance Changes
  • MTA Supports Reverse the Course
  • Don’t Call Me Professor
  • Doing Nothing – An Especially Bad Option in 2013
  • Q&A with Richard M. Freeland
  • Professional Staff Regional Meetings Scheduled
  • Pictures
    • MTA President Paul Toner discussed the proposed changes in retiree health insurance with the MCCC Board of Directors at the February meeting. He was joined by Sean King from MTA Governmental Services.
    • Kathie Skinner and her colleague Beth Shevlin from MTA gave a presentation to the MCCC Executive Committee to go over the white paper on the use of part-time faculty in the community college system. MCCC President Joe LeBlanc and
      Secretary Claudine Barnes look on. including President Joe LeBlanc and Treasurer Phil Mahler.
    • Don Williams, MCCC
    • MCCC Vice President Donnie McGee is running for NEA Director from Massachusetts. She has been endorsed by the MCCC Board of Directors. The election will be conducted by mail in March. Members are urged to vote for McGee to ensure that Massachusetts higher education, and the MCCC specifically, gets a strong voice at the national level.
    • Carol Gray, MCCC DCE Negotiating Team Chair along with Vice Chair Linda Grochowalski distributed the bargaining survey the team developed to the MCCC Board of Directors. All unit members who teach courses under the DCE contract will receive a mailing in the next few weeks giving them directions on how to complete the online survey.


  • Higher Ed. Advocacy Day-Revenue Reality
  • MCCC Delegate Assembly May 4
  • Culturing Assessment in Massachusetts
  • (Really) Stepping Up for Community Colleges
  • NEA Offers Free Life Insurance
    for MCCC Union Members
  • Pictures
    • Gov. Patrick
    • Dr. Chandra Pansé from Mass Bay will receive the Jonathan
      Butler Award.
    • Anne Wiley from Greenfield will receive the Raymond
      Lemieux Award.
    • Carol Gray from Greenfield will receive the John Palmer
      III Award.
    • W. Brooks Smith will receive the Donnie McGee Strategic
      Action Award.
    • Ways and Means Committee Chair Rep. Brian Dempsey (Haverhill) met with Northern Essex Community College
      students and staff. Student Nairoby Sanchez, Rep. Mary Keefe (Worcester), Prof. Joe LeBlanc (MCCC President), adjunct faculty Dina Brown, student Zachary Sindoni, and Rep. Dempsey.
    • Holyoke Community College student and PHENOM President Nicole Ouimette
    • Suzanne VanWert of Northern Essex Community College
    • Bristol Community College faculty members Eric Bourgeois and Ron Weisberger along with students Mariano Gomes and Stephen Fanus
    • Professor Chris Rowse (left) and Chapter President Steve
      Russell from Northern Essex Community College and
      Jeremy Branstad from North Shore Community College.
    • DCE Negotiating Team


  • Delegate Assembly Sets a Record
  • Day Contract Raises Coming in June
  • April anthem: To Boston we sing
  • MCCC Member Awards
  • ‘Stepping up’ for Our Students
  • MCCC Member Wins MTA Sweepstakes
  • Pictures
    • MCCC Treasurer Phil Mahler presented the budget to the Delegate Assembly.
    • MTA Vice President Tim Sullivan
    • Chair and MCCC Vice President
    • President Joe LeBlanc presented the Jonathan Butler award for
      outstanding service by a chapter president to Dr. Chandra Pansé from Mass Bay Community College.
    • Anne Wiley from Greenfield Community College
      received the Raymond C. Lemieux Award for outstanding
      service to the MCCC. With her are President Joe LeBlanc and
      Rosemarie Freeland, chapter director from GCC, who nominated
      Wiley for the award
    • The John A. Palmer III Award for outstanding action on behalf
      of adjunct faculty was presented to Carol Gray from
      Greenfield Community College. With her are President Joe
      LeBlanc and Harry Bowen, retired adjunct member from North
      Shore Community College, who nominated Gray for the award.
    • Retired MCCC members Frank Leary and Mike Nutter co-chair the union’s political action committee MCCC-PAC. Leary spoke to the Delegate Assembly about the importance of political action and urged members to donate. Active state employees are barred from soliciting political donations, but for retirees who are no longer employed by the state it is permissible


  • Adjunct Faculty Face Health Insurance Dilemma
  • June 30 Day Contract Raises
  • MCCC Members Applaud Hunter Conference
  • MTA Annual Meeting Opposes OPEB
  • Post-retirement Earnings Increase
  • Unemployment Insurance Record-keeping Goes Digital
  • MCCC Expands Office Space
  • Pictures
    • MCCC DCE Grievance Coordinator Joe Rizzo and MCCC Adjunct At-large Director Randi Zanca along with Teresa Lucas, president of United Faculty of Florida outside the Higher Ed Conference at Hunter College
    • Members from the Quinsigamond chapter made their presence known at the MTA Annual Meeting Dale LaBonte, Randi Zanca, Bob Gilles,Sharon Gillies and George McDermott.
    • Linda Moussouris from Roxbury CC, presented a comprehensive personal perspective about adjunct issues at the June 19 meeting of the MCCC Board of Directors. Vice President Donnie McGee
    • MCCC’s own Candace Shivers, director and chapter president from Mt. Wachusett Community College, on the big screen at the NEA Human and Civil Rights Dinner during the NEA Representative Assembly in Atlanta. Candace is on the 2012-2013 NEA Human and Civil Rights Committee.
    • The MCCC Executive Committee honored MCCC office staff member Edy Stoddard on the occasion of her graduation from Assumption College with a Masters Degree in Counseling and Family Therapy. Also pictured is staff member Angela Perno and Candace Shivers from Quinsigamond Vice President Donnie McGee, Treasurer Phil Mahler, Rosemarie Freeland from Greenfield, MTA Consultant Bob Whalen, Liz Recko-Morrison from Berkshire, and President Joe LeBlanc.
    • Arlene Vallie from Bunker Hill Community College attended her first NEA-RA from July 1-6 in Atlanta.
    • Rick Ponticelli, the MCCC representative to the Health and Welfare Trust,


  • Tenure Process in Trouble
  • To Comply with IRS, Adjunct Hours Will Be Reported
  • MTA Changes Higher Ed. Services
  • Unemployment Insurance Remains A Problem for Adjuncts
  • Separate and Unequal: Community College Renaissance Requires Bold Action
  • Dental Insurance Problems?
  • Adjunct Unemployment
    Assistance Beset by Delays And Cost Over-runs
  • DCE Negotiating Team Delivers Progress Report
  • Pictures
    • MTA General Counsel Lee Weisinger and Attorney Will Evans
    • Joe Rizzo and Dennis Fitzgerald
    • MCCC Secretary Claudine Barnes and Treasurer Phil Mahler
    • North Shore Chapter President Norene Gachingnard and Massasoit Chapter President Paul Weeden
    • Demolition and construction has been moving along as the MCCC expands the Curley Meeting Room into the newly acquired space inside 29 Mechanic St. Worcester.
    • DCE Negotiating Team Chair Linda Grochowalski and Vice Chair Mark Bashour reported on the progress made on
      the DCE contract over the summer.


  • Conference Highlights Union Strengths
  • Legislators Honored at MCCC Fall Conference
  • Robber Barons Attack Public Worker Pensions
  • Journal Reviewers Wanted
  • MCCC’s Smith Receives McGee Award
  • Pictures
    • Rep. Paul Mark (Hancock) gave the keynote speech at the MCCC Fall Conference. He stressed the importance of organized labor and detailed his own experience as a card-carrying member of the IBEW
    • The MCCC recognized three legislators at the Fall Conference for their strong support of community colleges by presenting them with crystal bowls. Sen. Michael Moore (Millbury) and Rep. Tom Sannicandro (Ashland), chairs of the Joint Committee on Higher Education, Sen. Michael Rodrigues (Westport), MCCC Vice President Donnie McGee and President Joe LeBlanc
    • One of the perennially popular sessions at the MCCC Fall Conference is on retirement. Ed McCourt George Medelinskas from Northern Essex Community College who related some of his personal experience and by Patricia Conley from the State Retirement Board who was able to answer many of the attendees’ specific questions.
    • Brooks Smith was presented with the MCCC’s Donnie McGee Strategic Action Award at the Fall Conference.
    • Winners of the five $100 raffle prizes at the Fall Conference were Liz Recko-Morrison, BkCC; Susan McPhearson, QCC; Ann Grandmaisson, NECC; Ken Takvorkian, MWCC; Laura Horgan


  • DCE Bargaining Stalls
  • Nominations Open
  • Adjunct Faculty May Qualify for Health Insurance
  • Pernicious Philanthropy Sets Troubling Academic Agenda
  • All Workers Deserve A Fair Deal, Living Wage
  • Adjunct Unemployment Benefits
  • Pictures
    • DCE Negotiating Chair Linda Grochowalski and Vice Chair Mark Bashour reported to the November MCCC Board of Directors meeting on the progress in contract negotiations
    • This panorama shot shows the full size of the expanded Curley Meeting room at the MCCC offices in Worcester. Taken at the Sept. 20 Board of Directors meeting as MTA Board Member Cathy Boudreau (standing) reported to the MCCC Board, the members pictured are: Susan McPhearson, QCC; Liz Recko-Morrison, BkCC; Joe Nardoni, MxCC; Candace Shivers, MWCC; Betsy Smith, Adjunct; Donnie McGee, Vice President; Joe LeBlanc, President; Claudine Barnes, Secretary; Phil Mahler, Treasurer (partially obscured); Tom Kearns, MaCC; Chandra Panse, MBCC (obscured); Suzanne Van Wert, NECC (obscured); Roberta Albano, STCC; Clark Grain, RCC; Dennis
      Fitzgerald, Grievance Coordinator. Paulette Howarth, BrCC and Sara Satham