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Massachusetts Community College Council



  • Candidates for MCCC Offices
  • NEW: Electronic Voting Process
  • Governor Patrick Proposes Radical Change to Community Colleges
  • Tim Fitzgerald Outlines MTA's Higher Ed. Agenda
  • President's Message: Governor Needs to Step Back, Reconsider His 'Reform' Plans
  • In Memoriam: Lois A. Martin
  • Candidates for At-Large Director
  • Day Bargaining Update
  • Pictures
    • Tim Fitzgerald at the Board
    • Day Negotiating Team Chair Rick Doud at the Board


  • Higher Ed Advocacy Day
  • SAC: Community College Reofrm Proposal Ignores Key Issues
  • Whose Community Colleges?
  • President's Message: Message to State Policy Makers: Listen to our Students
  • Members in the News
  • Tentative Day Bargaining Agreement
  • DCE Contract Tip: Evaluations
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Pictures
    • Activists–students, faculty, staff, and administrators–packed the Gardner Auditorium in the State House to hear presentations by state officials, legislators and students to begin the March 8, Higher Ed. Lobby Day.
    • Co-Chairs of the joint committee on Higher Education, Rep. Thomas Sannicandro –Ashland (left) and Sen. Michael Moore –Millbury, both addressed the audience in the Gardner Auditorium.
    • Nicole Collins, a student from Bristol Community College told the audience in the Gardner Auditorium about her experiences trying to pay for college and her career aspirations.
    • Holyoke Community College students Ashley Cote (left) and Cheryl O’Connell demonstrate outside the State House on March 8.
    • Administration and Union joined forces at the Higher Ed. Lobby Day on March 8. Here Mass Bay Community College President John O’Donnell (left) shared lunch with Mass Bay Chapter President Chandra Panse and professional staff members Julie Schleicher and Robyn Ross.
    • Constituents met with Senator Steven Baddour at the Higher Ed. Lobby Day. From left Joe LeBlanc, MCCC President; Nita Lamborghini, NECC; Chantal McGovern, NECC student; Nora Sheradan, NECC-MCCC; Emily Round UMass student; Pam Donahue, NECC-MCCC; Sen. Baddour; Dina Brown, NECC-MCCC; Jeff Bickford, NECC; Victoria Czaia, NECC student; Prakesh Patel, NECC; and Parker Moody, NECC student.


  • House Budget Modifies Governor's
  • Day Contract Ratified
  • The Political Name Game
  • Members in the News
  • Community College Critics Missing the Real Target
  • 2012 MCCC Award Recipients Recognized
  • Tracking MCCC Statistics
  • Free Life Insurance for Union Members
  • Pictures
    • The Northern Essex Community College Professional Association awarded its $1,000 scholarship to Lindsey Curole. Presenting the award is Prof. Kevin Mitchell with Prof. Stephen Russell, NECCPA president.
    • MTA staffer Beth Shevlin (pictured) was joined by Kathie Skinner at the MCCC Board of Directors to discuss a project by MTA’s Center for Education Policy and Practice to develop a policy paper on issues in community college education. They went through their preliminary research and solicited input from the Directors.
    • MCCC Research Coordinator Hilaire Jean-Gilles gave his spring report at the April Board of Directors’ meeting.


  • Another Successfull Delegate Assembly
  • What About the Other 75%
  • Day Grievance Issues
  • Utterly Transformed: Patrick Wins the Battle to Control Community Colleges
  • Wanted: DCE Bargaining Team Members
  • The Value of Membership
  • Pictures
    • MCCC President Joe LeBlanc made his opening statements to the Delegate Assembly.
    • Kenn Anania (center) of Massasoit Community
      College and Clark Grain (right) of Roxbury
      Community College confer at the MCCC Delegate
    • MTA President Paul Toner discussed issues facing MTA members, and especially regarding community colleges, at the
      MCCC Delegate Assembly.
    • President Joe LeBlanc presented Donnie McGee with the first Diana “Donnie” McGee Award for political action
    • Harry Bowen of North Shore Community College was presented with the John Palmer Award for his efforts on behalf of adjunct members. Pictured with Bowen are President Joe LeBlanc and Linda Grochowalski, last year’s Palmer recipient,
    • Gail Guarino gets a laugh from the comments of Claudine Barnes who nominated her for the Raymond Lemieux Award for distinguished service to the Union.


  • Commissioner Freeland Reaches Out to MCCC
  • New Webmaster Position Open
  • Wanted: DCE Bargaining Team Members
  • In Solidarity: Community Colleges Becoming Separate and Unequal
  • Union Membership Campaign Targets Part-timers
  • Applicants Wanted for SAC Steering Committee
  • GCCPA Awards Two Scholarships
  • 2012 Salary Increases
  • The Value of Membership
  • Pictures
    • Commissioner of Higher Education Richard Freeland at Board meeting
    • Carol Gray, DCE faculty from GCC gave Board presentation
    • The Greenfield Community College Professional Association provided scholarships to two GCC students. GCCPA member Anne Wiley, scholarship recipient Martin Sheridan. MCCC member Abby Jenks andscholarship recipient MaryMcCarthy.
    • Bob Whalen has been assigned the MTA Consultant for the MCCC DCE Unit.


  • MTA Summer Conference Rallies Membership
  • Adjunct Faculty Set Their Agenda
  • A Corporate Mugging
  • Lemon Gelato, Grassroots Politics and Making a Difference
  • MCCC Talks Education
  • Do You Belong (to the Union)?
  • Pictures
    • At the HELC open meeting: Myriam Quinones, MTA President Paul Toner, Aaron Levin
    • The Adjunct Faculty Committee met on Aug. 21: Davis Sweet, MiCC; Patrick Lochelt, NECC/MiCC; Carol Gray, GCC; Dora Capite-Tkal, QCC; Harry Bowen, NSCC; Betsy Smith, CCCC; Mark Bashour, QCC, Sandra Howland, NSCC; Cleo Mavrelion, STCC; MCCC President Joe LeBlanc; Randi Zanca, QCC. Not pictured Jerry Levinsky, HCC.
    • Mohamed Zefzaf from Mass Bay Community College and Wick Sloane from Bunker Hill each gave a brief presentation during the Ed Talks event at MTA’s Summer Conference at Williams College.


  • Roxbury CC Under the Gun
  • Fall Conference October 24, 2012
  • New MTA Director of Higher Ed
  • What Kind of America Do You Want?
  • The Vision Project:Time to Lead, Time to Address Injustices
  • The Politics of Trustee Appointments
  • You Belong. Adjunct faculty and part-time staff.
  • Pictures
    • Education, Joey Hansen, has been attending MCCC Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings to get a feel for the union’s needs.
    • Peter Flynn, MCCC political activist from Northern Essex Community College (left) met with Congressman John Tierney at a Democratic rally in Newburyport. Tierney, a Salem State University graduate, has been a strong supporter of higher education.
    • Members of the MCCC Board of Directors did a visibility action in Worcester supporting President Obama and Elizabeth Warren
    • Many campus union leaders held meetings with adjunct faculty just before classes started to explain the value of union membership. North Shore DCE Representative Harry Bowen gives his presentation to the gathered faculty.


  • Why Roxbury and Trustees Matter
  • Legislators Recognized at Fall Conference
  • Meeting Our Post-election Challenges
  • MCCC Celebrates Election Successes
  • MCCC Election Nominations
  • Pictures
    • Donnie McGee and Joe LeBlanc presented “Friend of the MCCC” awards to Sen.Marc Pacheco of Taunton and Rep. Ellen Story of Amherst
    • Members of the recently appointed MCCC DCE Negotiating Team held a forum at the Fall Conference to introduce themselves and receive input from faculty
    • Marianne Gebert, Deputy Director of the State Board of Retirement, and Ed McCourt from MTA gave a well attended workshop on retirement planning at the Fall Conference
    • The Fall Conference included five $100.00 door prizes for participants who stay until the end. This year’s recipients are Joe Nardoni, Middlesex; Paul Swerzenski, Mt. Wachusett; Susan Dole, Bunker Hill; Joe LeBlanc (not a winner);
      Sandra Howland, North Shore; and Richard Spool, Mass Bay.
    • MCCC members from all over the state participated in the election from Greenfield, to Fall River, to Lowell and Newburyport in support of pro-education candidates.


  • DCE Grievance Report: A Mixed Bag
  • MCCC Election Nominations
  • Proposed By Laws Changes
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • New Book Offers Hope for Our Present Political Dysfunction
  • New MCCC Webmaster Named
  • Pictures
    • MCCC DCE Grievance Coordinator Joe Rizzo presented
      his report at the November Board of Directors meeting.
    • Gabrielle Adler from Bristol Community College and Karen Carreras-Hubbard from Berkshire Community College, representing the Professional Staff Committee,brought some issues regarding PSUM Classification Appeals process for discussion at the December MCCC Executive Committee meeting. The Committee would like to see more coordination of appeals across the state and suggested sharing informationthrough the MCCC website
    • MCCC Day Grievance Coordinator Dennis Fitzgerald is filling in as MTA Consultant for Katie D'Urso, who has been on extended sick leave, as well as performing his regular duties. In his fall report, Fitzgerald focused on the problem of employer
      obstruction of the arbitration process that also concerned DCE Grievance Coordinator Joe Rizzo.
    • Thomas Powers from Springfield Technical Community College has been appointed MCCC’s first official webmaster.