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Massachusetts Community College Council



  • Uniting for Public Higher Education, PHENOM event
  • Tsaffaras Departs DHE
  • DOMA, Imputed Income, and Discrimination (reprinted from the GCC Chapter Newsletter)
  • Call for Nominations
  • President's Message: Mindfully Addressing Our Challenges in the New Year
  • Start a Chapter Newsletter
  • Retirement Incentives
  • Your PAC Needs Your Help
  • MCCC Elections
  • Know Your Day Contract
Front Page of January newsletter

  • Presidents Assault Collective Bargaining
  • Know Your DCE Contract - Highlights of the new contract
  • New Members Beware
  • President's Message: Fighting Injustice with All Necessary Resources
  • DCE Over-enrollment Settlement
  • Auditors at the Board: Picture
  • Report on Professional Staff Committee: Picture
  • Know Your Day Contract
Front Page of February newsletter

  • Mass Unionists Rally for Wisconsin
  • MCCC Launches Ad Campaign
  • War on Unions is Civil War
  • Ad: "The Professor Is In ..."
  • Workers from the Past Inspire Us to Action
  • Betsy Smith: Candidate for Part-time/Adjunct Director
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • GIC Alert
  • Pictures
    • Kenn Anania, Donnie McGee, Margaret Wong, Joe LeBlanc, Cathy Boudreau and other Members at Boston Rally
    • Liang-Shu Han, Massasoit
    • Miles Stern at Springfield Rally
    • Research Coordinator Hilaire Jean Gilles
    • Betsy Smith
    • Peter Flynn and others at the Boston Rally
Front Page of March newsletter

  • NEA Higher Ed Comes to Boston
  • 2011 Lemieux and Palmer Award Recipients
  • Guest Column: Adjuncts Must Achieve an Independent Status
  • Senator Bernie Sanders' Guide to Corporate Freeloaders
  • President's Column: Justice Begins with the Wealthy Paying Their Fair Share
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Pictures
    • Candace Shivers, Mt Wachusett CC
    • Congressman John Tierney (MA 6th), Cathy Boudreau
    • Day Grievance Coordinator Dennis Fitzgerald
    • Andria Schwortz , Quinsigamond CC
    • DCE Grievance Coordinator Joe Rizzo
    • Betsy Smith and Claudine Barnes of Cape Cod CC
    • AFL-CIO members and members of Holyoke Community College’s MCCC chapter Margaret Sullivan, Steward CWA Local 1365, Robert Duszak, President CWA Local 1365, Kelly O’Connor, Professor, Business Law, and Pennie Marcus, Learning Specialist.
Front Page of April newsletter

  • Delegate Assembly 2011 Highlights
  • Labor Case Success
  • Strategic Action - Saving the Things We Love
  • President's Message: Pursuing Educational Mediocrity in Test Happy America
  • Adjunct Unemployment Benefits and OBRA Pension Withdrawals
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Pictures
    • Members at the MCCC Delegate Assembly
    • Wisconsin teacher Julie Toske was the Keynote speaker
    • Linda Grochowalski from Quinsigamond spoke to the Delegate Assembly after being presented the Palmer Award by President Joe LeBlanc.
    • MCCC Treasurer Phil Mahler presented the budget
    • Lois Martin from Massasoit was presented the Lemieux Award by President LeBlanc
    • Pat LaRochelle of Quinsigamond and Beth Erviti from Greenfield spoke in favor of the bylaw proposal on adjunct voting weights.
Front Page of May newsletter

  • Commissioners Freeland and Corner-Dolloff Speak at Board
  • MCCC Involved at MTA Annual Meeting
  • How MTA Picks Political Candidates
  • Disrespect of Adjuncts Undermins Our System
  • Day Contract Salary Increases
  • Dues Levels 2011-2012
  • MCCC Meetings Calendar 2011-2012
  • Pictures
    • Commissioner of Higher Education Richard Freeland spoke to the MCCC Board of Directors and took questions at the June 17 meeting.
    • MCCC President Joe LeBlanc spoke at the MTA Rally in Copley Sq. after the Annual Meeting. Behind him are members of the MTA Chorus that included MCCC’s Margaret Wong (second from left) and Donnie McGee (second from right). The choir led the crowd in union songs in support of collective bargaining rights.
    • MTA Consultant Katie D’Urso (left), Assistant Commissioner for Employee Relations Care Corner-Dolloff from the Department of Higher Education, and MCCC Negotiating Team Chair Rick Doud explained the implementation of the delayed salary increases from the 2009–2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement to the MCCC Board of Directors.
    • NEA President Dennis VanRoekel spoke about the importance of standing up for collective bargaining rights at the MTA Annual Meeting. On the left is MTA President Paul Toner and on the right Vice President Tim Sullivan.

Front Page of Summer newsletter

Pictures (continued)

  • Trudy Tynan, from Holyoke Community College spoke to her motion at the MTA Annual Meeting to reduce the dues of parttime/ adjunct members to a closer percentage of earnings as dues assessed to fulltime members.
  • Tiffany Magnolia (left) from North Shore spoke to her motion at the MTA Annual Meeting to support adjunct/contingent faculty members. Cathy Boudreau of Massasoit waited for her turn at the microphone.

  • MCCC Stays Active Through the Summer
  • Promotional Professors
  • Contract Reopener Redux
  • Advice for New Members
  • Dear Editor - Les Zenack
  • MCCC Annual Meeting Calendar
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Pictures
    • MCCC participants in MTA’s Emerging Leader Program were joined by President Joe LeBlanc at the Williamstown Summer Conference. Participants are, from left, Paul Weeden, Massasoit; Debbie London, Mass Bay; Donna Wright, Massasoit; President
      LeBlanc, Northern Essex; George McDermott (with his service dog) and Mark Bashour, both of Quinsigamond.
    • MCCC members gathered at the NEA Representative Assembly in Chicago for a quick
      photo. From left, Vice President Donnie McGee, Bristol; Margaret Wong, Quinsigamond; Tom Kearns, Massasoit; and Candace Shivers, Mt. Wachusett.
    • At the Higher Ed. Meeting at the Williamstown Summer Conference, MTA’s Acting
      Director of Higher Education Donna Sirutis explained the recent request by the state
      to reopen the Day Collective Bargaining Agreement.
    • MCCC President Joe LeBlanc chairs MTA’s Higher Education Leadership Council
      that is made up of the presidents of all the MTA higher ed. locals. At the Williamstown
      conference pictured here the meeting was open to all higher ed. members.
Front Page of this newsletter

  • Activists Push for Justice in ORP and Contract Funding Bills
  • Arnesen to Headline MCCC Fall Conference
  • Day Contract Grievance Report
  • 2012 MCCC Elections Nominations Now Open
  • Forging Alliances Begins with A Simple Hello
  • Letters
    • More Promotional Opportunities
    • Selling Out
  • Know Your DCE Contract - Fall 2012
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Pictures
    • MCCC members testified about problems with the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) before the Public Service Committee at the Statehouse. Marie Canaves, Cape Cod; Wayne Klug, Berkshire; Karen Default, Quinsigamond, Vice President Donnie McGee
    • Political commentator Arnie Arnesen will be the keynote speaker at the Oct.19 MCCC Fall Conference.
    • MCCC Day Grievance Coordinator Dennis Fitzgerald delivered his fall report to the September MCCC Board of Directors’ meeting.
    • Members of the MCCC Executive Committee and office staff posed for a photo. Joe LeBlanc, Phil Mahler, Don Williams. Angela Perno Edy Stoddard, Candace Shivers Claudine Barnes, Donnie McGee, Gail Guarino.
Front Page of this newsletter

  • MCCC Fall Conference Taking it Higher
  • 2012 MCCC Election Nominations
  • Occupy This...
  • In Solidarity: Finding Pathways to Prosperity for Our Students
  • MTA Taps Former MCCC President Fitzgerald
  • Free Live Insurance for Union Members
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Pictures
    • Political activist Arnie Arnesen gave the keynote address titled "A Spine is a Terrible Thing to Waste" at the Fall Conference.
    • Winners of the five $100 door prizes at the Fall Conference were, from left, Alison Hall QCC, Skip Tenczar STCC, Robert Rogers of STCC, Jerry LePage of BrCC, Rosemarie Freeland of GCC, joined by MCCC President Joe LeBlanc.
    • Karen Riedl conducted a session on developing chapter leaders at theFall Conference.
    • Tim Fitzgerald, MTA Interim Director of Higher Ed.
Front Page of this newsletter

  • Day Contract Negotiations
  • MCCC Nominations
  • North Shore Community College LEEDS the Way
  • Strategic Action: The Stories Behind the ORP Legislative Victory
  • Your PAC Needs Your Help
    In Solidarity: Tread Softly Because You Tread on Our Students' Dreams
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • MCCC Nomination Form - 2012
  • Pictures
    • NSCC's new Health Professions and Student Services Building
    • The MCCC presented Senator Harriet Chandler with a crystal bowl in recognition of her many efforts on behalf of community colleges and particularly for sponsoring a bill to study funding and staffing levels. Brooks Smith, Joe LeBlanc, Sen. Chandler, and Donnie McGee
    • State-of-the-art human patient simulator at North Shore
      Community College
Front Page of this newsletter