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Massachusetts Community College Council



  • MTA's First Higher Ed Conference a Hit
  • Picture: Group of attendees
  • Picture: Dennis Van Roekle, NEA President
  • SAC: Looking Back - Moving Forward: Defining the Year Ahead
  • Picture: Tiffany Magnolia conducts workshop
  • Picture: John Lee, JBL Associates, presents
  • Picture: Annual MCCC Staff Appreciation Luncheon
  • President's Message: State is Asking Too Much of Our Members
  • Editorial: Adjunct Health Insurance - Is This the End Game?
  • Call for Nominations - Awards
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • 2010 MCCC Elections
  • Director's Notes
Front Page of January newsletter

  • Commissioner Freeland Presents His Vision
  • Troubling Labor Relations Trends
  • Election Dissection: Toward Campaign Perfection
  • We Are All Being Hyattized, by Ruth Kiefson
  • PHENOM Rally
  • Getting Ready for Campaign 2010
  • The Paucit of Hope
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Nominees for MTA Annual Meeting
  • Director's Notes
Front Page of February newsletter

  • Candidates for MCCC Offices
  • Adjunct Minutes: Patrick Cautions Unions on Election Backing
  • Board of Directors - Picture
  • President's Message: House 2 Budget Spares Our Mostly Privatized Higher Education System
  • Editorial: Gotcha Journalism
  • Your PAC Needs Your Help
  • MTA GLBT Forum Announcement
  • Know Your Day Contract

Front Page of March newsletter

  • PHENOM-enal Rally
  • Annual Delegate Assembly
  • Mass Defect: Higher Ed. Funding
  • President's Message: Looking for Real Democrats...
  • DCE Collective Bargaining Agreement signed March 11
  • 2010 Election Results
  • Adjunct Committee Minutes
  • 2010 MCCC Award Recipients
  • Know Your Day Contract

Front Page of April newsletter

  • Bristol CC Goes Private
  • Delegate Assembly Bestows Awards
    • Lemieux - Phyllis Barrett
    • Butler - Claudine Barnes &
      Margaret Wong
    • The first John Palmer III Award winner: Betsy Smith
  • Hug Your Union Activist
  • Higher Ed. Inc: Coming to a Mall Near You
  • DCE Contract Summary
  • Diana Yohe and Chris Hoeth speak at the Delegate Assembly - picture
  • Know Your Day Contract

Front Page of May newsletter

  • Governor Patrick Woos Higher Ed Unions
  • Higher Ed Contracts in Limbo
  • Why I Think Belonging to A Union is Important, Anne Wiley
  • Donnie McGee and Max Page at the MTA Delegate Assembly - picture
  • Bob Rogers, STCC Chapter President, informs Gov. Patrick - picture
  • President Column: A 'Modest Proposal' for 'Public' Higher Education
  • Letters: Karen Fagan Riedl, Betsy Smith, Harry Bowen
  • In Memoriam: Ernest Therrien
  • Sen. Harriet Chandler meets with QCC chapter members - picture
  • MCCC Lobbyist Charles Flaherty at the June BoD meeting - picture

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  • Strategic Action Goes to the Head of the Class
  • Shake Off the Apathy by Kenn Anania
  • President Column: Member-driven Efforts to Drive Election Campaign
  • Guest Column: Budget Amendment Would Examine CC Funding, by Senator Harriette L. Chandler
  • MCCC DCE Represented at August COCAL Conference
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • In Pictures
    • Several MCCC Members participated in MTA’s Emerging Leaders program at the Summer Conference. Tom Kearns, Scott Robertson, Randi Zenker, Pat Schmol, and Penny Counter
    • MTA President Paul Toner explained the importance of member action at the Higher Education Leadership Council meeting at Williamstown. Also pictured:  Vice President Tim Sullivan, Executive Director-Treasurer
      Ann Clarke, MCCC NEA Director Cathy Boudreau, MCCC President Joe LeBlanc, and MTA Consultant to the MCCC Katie D’Urso.
    • MTA’s Acting Director of Higher Education, Donna Sirutis, led a workshop at Williamstown on the Strategic Action Plan.
    • Tom Kearns, MCCC Director from Massasoit, along with Randi Zenker was one of two MCCC members who ran for president of the emerging leaders group at the MTA Summer Conference.
    • MCCC at-large part-time/adjunct director Betsy Smith spoke at the COCAL Conference in Quebec.
    • MTA lobbyist Julia Johnson, who
      principally works on higher ed. issues, went over MTA’s legislative accomplishments and agenda for the future at the Higher Ed. Leadership Council meeting at Williamstown.

  • This Is Really Big: the election
  • MCCC Fall Conference: Somethning for everyone
  • Transforming Apathy Into Action
  • Presenter Aaron Levin, Holyoke Chapter President, with MTA member Kathleen Doherty
  • President's Message: Community Colleges Take Center Stage
  • Charlie Baker's Dirty Dozen
  • Pictures
    • Jimmy Tingle, comedian
    • Retiring MTA Lobbyist Jack Flannagan with VP Donnie McGee.
    • MTA Attorney Ira Fader, presenter
    • Door prize winners Sarah
      Sadowski, QCC; Betsy Smith, CCCC; Mark Bashour, QCC; Carole Dupont,
      STCC; and Cleo Mavrelion, STCC.
    • Presenter Andria Schwortz, QCC Chapter President

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  • DCE Grievance Trends
  • Election Reflection
  • OBRA Pension Withdrawals
  • Where Do We Go from Here?
  • Campuses In the News
  • MCCC Elections, and Nomination Form
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Free Life Insurance for Union Members
  • Pictures
    • Joe Rizzo, DCE Grievance Coordinator
    • Executive Committee, MTA Consultants, MTA President Paul Toner demonstrate against Question 3
    • QCC members Andria Schwortz, Bob Gillies, Margaret Wong demonstrate against Ballot Question 3

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