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Massachusetts Community College Council



  • Research Vital to MCCC Mission
  • DCE Negotiation Process Begins
  • SAC: Stand Up for Public Higher Education
  • Massachusetts Public Employee Labor Relations - A Work in Progress
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • President's Message: The Costs of Inaction Are Too High
  • Grievance Report Speaks to Conflct Between Unit Members and Colleges
  • Letter to the Editor: A Different Model
  • 11th Annual Massachusetts Community College Conference on Teaching and Learning
  • Director's Notes
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  • Union Wins "Off-Grid" Hiring Arbitration
  • Annual Delegate Assembly
  • DCE Team Reports Contract Status to Board
  • SAC: Politics, Partnerships, and Public Higher Education
  • Bunker Hill Professor Mike D'Entremont's Students Meet Governor Patrick at the State House
  • President's Message: New Buildings are Nice, But Our People Make the Difference
  • PictureStory: Day Negotiations Committee Members Celebrate Finishing their Work
  • PictureStory: Day Grievance Coordinator Dennis Fitzgerald goes over the Holyoke Arbitration Decision at the Board of Directors
  • MTA organizer George Luse and MTA Director of Affiliate Services Richard Sanders meet with the Adjunct Ad Hoc
    Committee for training in organizing the DCE Unit for achieving short-term and long-term goals

Front Page of February newsletter

  • Howarth and Reidl Share 2009 Butler Award
  • Passenant Receives Lemieux Award
  • Research Coordinator Shares 75th Percentile Data
  • Springtime Music and Musings
  • Letters: Brenda Clark, NSCC
  • Guest Column: Melissa Juchniewicz, NECC
  • President's Column: Data-driven Decisions Must Drive More Funding to Community Colleges
  • Editorial: Advice to Adjunct Faculty
  • Directors Notes
  • Know your Day Contract
  • In Memoriam: John Palmer and Norbert Nunes

Front Page of February newsletter

  • MCCC Delegate Assembly: Adjunct Debate Continues
  • Day/DCE Contract Negotiations: A Mixed Bag
  • SAC: Investing in Our Future
  • MCCC-PAC Co-Chair Frank Leary (picture)
  • Roberta Passenant, Lemieux Award Winner, with Liz Recko-Morrison and Ellen Shanahan (picture)
  • Karen Reidl, Butler Award Winner, with Paulette Howarth (picture)
  • President's Message:Early Use of Stimulus Funds May Spell Disaster In FY 11
  • MTA Annual Meeting Votes to Increase Dues
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Former Springfield Tech CC Treasurer Ken Czuchra (picture)
  • Quinsigamond CC adjunct faculty member Maria Vita-Calkins (picture)
  • DCE Cluster Meetings Connect Adjuncts with the MCCC, with two pictures
  • Directors Notes
Front Page of February newsletter

  • DCE Negotiations Stalled
  • MCCC Members Honored
  • Diana "Donnie" McGee
  • Kristina Ieradi
  • Governor Duval gives Graduation Address at North Shore CC (picture)
  • SAC - The National Education Association and the Bob Chanin Legacy
  • Applicants Wanted for SAC
  • Lobbyist Charles Flaherty at the Board (picture, with Donnie McGee and Joe LeBlanc)
  • President's Message: Good News at Last - Obama's Bold Vision for Community Colleges
  • Editor: Community Colleges - Mission Impossible
  • MCCC Member George McDermott wins money pool at NEA RA (picture. with Bob and Sharron Gillies)
  • Adjunct Health Insurance Bill Testimony
  • Committee Vacancies
  • Meetings Calender
  • Bristol Faculty at the NEA RA (picture - Donnie McGee, Chris Hoeth, Diana Yohe)
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  • Arbitrator Overturns Tenure Denial
  • MTA Summer Conference Focuses on Member Organizing
  • Photo: MCCC Day Grievance Coordinator Dennis Fitzgerald presents the arbitrator’s decision on a case from Roxbury Community College.
  • Photo: The Day contract was signed on Sept. 18 at Quinsigamond Community College. Seated from left are Commissioner Richard Freeland and MCCC President Joe LeBlanc. Standing are MCCC Team Chairperson Rick Doud, Bristol Community College President John Sbrega, MTA Consultant Katie D’Urso, Mt. Wachusett Community College President Daniel Asquino, and Deputy Commissioner for Employee Relations, Peter Tsaffaras.
  • SAC: The ORP Campaign: the Time for Action is Now
  • Photo: Cape Cod Community College faculty member Mary Canaves spoke passionately at the ORP hearing. Sen. Marc Pacheco behind her waits to speak about the ORP bill he sponsored.
  • Photo: Parliamentarian Patricia Legault-Frank explains items that need improvement in the MCCC Bylaws to the Executive Committee, as Bylaws Committee chairperson Bob Gilles looks on.
  • President's Message: State Employees Deserve Dignified Retirement Funded by Solvent System
  • Roxbury Faculty, Staff and Students Protest
  • Photo: Protestors against education cuts march outside the State House.
  • Photo: Dr. Charles Desmond, Chairman of the Board of Higher Education, met with Higher Education members at the MTA Summer Conference.
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • In Memoriam: Nahum "Abe" Sherf
  • Photo: NSCC Chapter President Tiffany Magnolia gave a presentation on Wellstone organizing techniques for general attendees at the MTA Summer Conference at Williamstown.
  • Free Life Insurance For Union Members
  • Directors Notes
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  • Reversing Course: A Campaign for Student Success
  • DCE Contract Tentative Agreement Ratification Vote
  • Picture: MTA leaders briefed the MCCC Board of Directors on the state’s economic picture. From left Arthur Pippo, MTA Director of Higher Education; David Borer, MTA Executive Director-Treasurer; Anne Wass, MTA President; and Paul Toner, MTA Vice President
  • SAC: Promote College Excellence: Reverse Faculty Hiring Trends
  • MCCC Nominations Opened November 2
  • Picture: MTA Consultant Miles Stern led a session at the Fall Conference on DCE contract issues, DCE Grievance Coordinator, Joe Rizzo sits in the foreground.
  • President's Message: Second Stimulus Necessary to Avoice Disaster in FY 2011
  • Editorial: Dude, Where's My Profession?
  • MCCC Fall Conference
  • Picture: MCCC President Joe LeBlanc, left, met with chapter presidents at the MCCC Fall Conference
  • Picture: Prof. Ken Takvorkian of Mt. Wachusett Community College demonstrated the use of clickers to engage students in classroom activities at the MCCC Fall Conference. Participants in this workshop did a union trivia quiz to see how this technology can be used as a teaching tool
  • Picture: Winners of the MTA Benefits door prizes at the Fall Conference. From left, Charlotte Belezos, RCC; Chris Hoeth, BrCC; Pam Donahue, NECC; and Ken Takvorkian, MWCC
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Directors Notes
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  • Union Files Lawsuit for Adjunct Health Insurance
  • DCE Contract Ratified Overwhelmingly
  • SAC: The MCCC Legislative Internship Program
  • Research Coordinator Keeps MCCC Informed
  • President's Message: Graduate Rates, Funding Goals: We're Not Yet Measuring Up
  • Know Your Day Contract
  • Directors Notes
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