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FAQ 2017

NEA Annual Meeting and
Representative Assembly

Frequently Asked Questions of the MCCC for Elected Delegates
to the NEA Representative Assembly

It's in Boston this year!

An Unofficial Page

Official materials and information come from
the MTA and the NEA, not this page

NEA RA Official Page

Note: The MCCC has no role in your arrangements or information for the NEA RA.
Over the years I get asked questions of elected delegates or potential delegates who are new to this.
I respond to questions of new electees as best I can, and I have assembled
the information below.

The MTA has a page related to the RA, including being a volunteer - it's in Boston!

Phil Mahler, Treasurer

Delegate Status and MCCC Support
  • All DELEGATES are eligible for a $400 MTA stipend. 
  • The top 20 DELEGATES are eligible for $400 of MCCC expense reimbursement. There will be changes as people decide they may not attend, so check back often.
  • You are responsible for arranging your own travel and hotel accommodations. You will receive information DIRECTLY FROM THE MTA or NEA about hotels and a preconvention meeting which will be held in Massachusetts.
  • You can find extensive information about the conference at the NEA Web Site: and at this MTA webpage .
  • For Delegates, OFFICIAL DELEGATE CREDENTIAL, BADGE INSERT, AND REGISTRATION CARD WILL BE MAILED DIRECTLY TO YOU BY THE NEA IN JUNE. At the RA you will have to exchange your registration card for a badge holder and delegate packet at the Delegate Registration Center.
  • Note there is an ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION REQUIREMENT  to receive both MTA and MCCC reimbursement. You MUST attend at least six of the eight business sessions at the NEA-RA to receive MTA and MCCC funding. You will not be reimbursed by the MCCC if you do not supply proof, given to you by the MTA, that you attended at least six of the eight business sessions. Read the Policy.


Where do I get information about the NEA RA?

The NEA web site and the MTA page, both cited above. The MTA starts to send out specific information in early May to state delegates. The MCCC does not handle this.  This page is unofficial, but designed to answer questions you may have before you begin to receive official information from the MTA.

Travel Dates, and what dates do I have to attend for funding?

You will be expected to attend various events probably starting Saturday July 1 through Wednesday July 5. Perhaps starting Friday.
You want to travel so you can attend the state delegation meetings. You must travel so that you can attend at least 6 out of 8 of the business sessions. (See the ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT below.) There are two business sessions per day. In the Tentative Agenda they are the "Representative Assembly" items. The Tentative Agenda is at the NEA link cited above.

Other attendance considerations? Look at the Tentative Agenda, and make sure you consider
  • daily state delegation meetings
  • delegate registration
Mandatory NEA Pre-Convention Meeting

The MTA conducts a mandatory NEA Pre-Convention Meeting in early June. The MTA will notify you of the date and location.

What is the hotel for Massachusetts delegates? See the "State Housing Link" at the NEA page.
Who makes hotel arrangements? Not sure! Last year this was true: See the MTA page above. You do NOT call the hotel directly.
Who makes travel arrangements? Delegates make their own travel arrangements. The MTA information sometimes has info on discount travel arrangements.
Tell me about the attendance requirement for financial support. Read about it here. Make sure you get the paper documentation from the MTA at the meeting. You MUST turn in this documentation with receipts to the MCCC for the MCCC reimbursement. The MTA stipend is handled by the MTA.
How do I obtain my MCCC reimbursement?
  • Assuming you qualify... Mail an MCCC expense reimbursement form with
    (1) receipts and
    (2) attendance verification slips for at least 6 of the 8 business sessions to the MCCC office.
  • Make copies of anything you mail to us. We will not be responsible for lost materials - mistakes happen by you and by us, so that's why you need to make copies before you mail anything.
  • The reimbursement form with mailing address; see Financial Documents.

* If you have questions, please call the MCCC office 508-890-6688 (877-442-MCCC toll free in Massachusetts), or you may email: MCCC Office