MCCC Board of Director Job Description

  1. Constitutional Mandates
    1. Delegate Assembly
      1. Recommend policies or changes in policy to the Delegate Assembly
      2. Promulgate policies, procedures, rules to further the interests of the Council
      3. Convene special meetings of the Delegate Assembly
      4. Recommend, through the Treasurer, an annual budget and membership dues to the Delegate Assembly for its approval
      5. Establish a method by which services provided to the Council by organizations with which the Council is affiliated can be monitored and evaluated impartially and objectively. The results of said evaluation shall be reported annually to the Delegate Assembly
    2. Committees
      1. Act upon recommendations of the President for the appointment of conveners and other members to standing committees
      2. Appoint such ad hoc committees as it may deem necessary
      3. Receive and act upon reports and recommendations from committees
    3. Council Administration
      1. Employ staff for the efficient management of the Council and adopt personnel policies for this staff
      2. Adopt procedures and policies for the conduct of business of the Council
      3. Appoint the Secretary and Treasurer of the Council when a vacancy exists in either office until such time as the next regularly scheduled election
  2. Chapter Representation
    1. Regularly attend Council scheduled meetings and, where absence is unavoidable, provide advance notice to the MCCC President of a chapter substitute
    2. Notify Chapter membership of Board activities, and where feasible, solicit member input prior to Board action
    3. Where feasible regularly attend Chapter meetings inclusive of Executive, MACER, and membership meetings
  3. Council Representation
    1. Attend MCCC Annual meeting
    2. Participate in the annual MCCC Leadership Event
    3. Communicate Council positions/concerns to local College administration, the Massachusetts Legislature, and any other institution as deemed appropriate by the Council
    4. Monitor and assist the Chapter in compliance with MCCC mandates (i.e. submission of annual Financial and Incorporation Reports ...)

Adopted February 20, 2004

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