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Fall 2017, new College Service posted 5/11/16
New E-5 Form posted 2/6/16
College Service and Work to Rule posted 2/3/16
Summary Evaluations are due on February 1 for: posted 2/1/16
Professional Staff Off-Campus Days The day after Thanksgiving - Article 12.04C6 posted 11/23
Classification Compensation Structure -New Hires posted 9/17
Family Medical Leave Act and Sick Leave Process posted 8/15
Retirement Rules and Creditble Service.pdf 5/3/13
Faculty and Professional Staff Who Separate From Service.pdf 5/3/13
20% Sick Leave Buyback Calculator.xls 5/3/13
Points Payment September 28, 2012
Course Materials and office hours 01/2017
Change in Rank - Faculty 09/12
College Service and Advising - pdf 5/5/13
Professional Staff E7
Faculty Annual Calendar - pdf
Professional Staff Annual Calendar - pdf*
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Evaluation Process - pdf
Initial Classification for New Hires
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October 15 Classification Snapshot
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Professional Staff Off-Campus Days The day after Thanksgiving - Article 12.04C6 posted 11/23/15
Personal Days Faculty and Professional Staff Jan 31, 2013 Faculty Student Evaluations, Jan 28, 2013

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