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  • Enter the time span for which you want a calendar then select "Display_Calendar".
  • If you print the display, it is set up to print two months per page on most systems.



Note: Board and Executive Committee dates after July 2016 have not yet been approved by the Board of Directors.

Show these items/meetings in the calendar:
MCCC Executive Committee
MCCC Board of Directors
MCCC Delegate Assembly
MCCC Fall Conference
MTA Delegate Assembly  
MTA Summer Conference
NEA Representative Assembly  
HELC, NEA, other Higher Ed Conferences  


Holidays are shown if they are in the day Agreement. Also shown are Good Friday, Easter, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, Passover.

Updated July 29, 2012

This optional section allows you to customize the calendar by adding your own events. 

Enter events you would like in the space below. Items in an event are put on a line for each event, separated by commas, as in the two examples below. Note you cannot use commas anywhere except to separate month, day, year, color, message.

Enter each desired Calendar event as
COLOR? This means the color in the background for that day. Check out here.

Example of two events:
9,18,2007,cyan,Executive Committee
9,28,2007,khaki,Chapter Meeting

Use * for the year to have the event every year. Example,
3,10,*,white,March 10
will print "March 10" at every March 10.

Suggestion: If you have a lot of items, enter them in a word processor, then cut and past into the window above.
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About this calendar

Purpose: The purpose of this calendar is to provide MCCC unit members with information about MCCC, MTA and NEA meetings of wide scope, and contractual holidays.

Disclaimer: This calendar is the best effort of the webmaster to present accurate information, but there is the possibility of error.

* When falls on a Saturday, celebrated on Friday. When falls on a Sunday, celebrated on Monday. The celebration days are shown in the calendar in these cases.

Printing: The calendar should print two months per page.

Year Limit is 5: To avoid inordinately long computation times, the program will not generate more than five years at a time.