Tentative Agreement

MCCC Board of Directors motion passed on Feb. 19, 2016: The MCCC Board of Directors recommends ratification of the Day Unit Tentative Agreement to our members. (Recko-Morrison/Shivers) Passed

Download Tentative Agreement Summary (pdf)

Download TENTATIVE AGREEMENT Between the Board of Higher Education and the MCCC (pdf)

March 23. Day Unit Contract is ratified!

Results follow:
Yes: 965 No: 91 Blanks: 2 Ballots disqualified: 5


Feb. 16, 2016 -Hi everyone,
Both teams finalized our Day Unit Tentative Agreement yesterday at 10:05 p.m. It will be presented to the MCCC Board of Directors on Friday.

Our team will be working on a ratification calendar and supporting materials in coming days. Stay tuned for an update from Team Chair Claudine Barnes and MTA consultant Courtney Derwinski.

Our incredible bargaining team have worked hard to bring the best TA possible to our day unit members. I will always remember their passion, intelligence, toughness and grace under pressure. Kudos also to Day Grievance Coordinator Dennis Fitzgerald, who has most helpful in the closing days of this grueling process. Our union has been so well-served by all of you.

Joe LeBlanc

MCCC Contract Negotiations PPT

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